Saturday, 15 October 2011

Kid muscle Beast

It started out innocently enough, my ten year old boy Brian saw a male bodybuilding show advertised on ESPN, he looked at the huge muscle men flexing their muscles on stage, then at his own scrawny, 4’6 70 pound body and wondered if he’d ever get to have muscles the size of the big guys on screen. He came up to me, and tugged my pants. “What is it, Champ?” I said with a smile on my face.

“Daddy, can I get some weights, so I can be a bodybuilder?”

 I sighed and said, “What about the weights we already have downstairs, you can work out with those, can’t you?”

He giggled and said, “Thanks dad, I totally forgot about those old things, I’ll start on those right now!”

And he went running down stairs with more energy than I’ve seen him move for a long time, I guess those muscle monsters on TV really opened up something in his mind. I certainly would love to have a muscle man around the house, doing everything myself since my wife and I got divorced has been really hard on me. I’m not gay, but for some reason, muscle seemed to really turn me on, no matter who it was on, my wife caught me jacking it to a morph of a girl with huge male bodybuilder arms on her sexy body. After that our marriage was never quite the same, it didn’t take long for the other shoe to drop. She dropped the bomb that she was already cheating on me with a mutual single friend, and that she was filing for a divorce. I was pissed of course, and I vowed that she could take anything, except my boy, he’s the only good thing to come out of the marriage.

She said, “Good, he’s exactly like you anyway, a little lazy bastard who never loved me in the first place, even if I did give birth to his little ungrateful ass.”

I nearly slapped her face after that comment, I held back and told her to get the hell out! When the divorce did go through, I thought it would be hard on Brian, but it turns out, he wasn’t affected all that horribly, I work a night shift, so he’s in bed by the time I leave, and I’m home by the time he gets up in the morning. When I am gone in the afternoon, my brother Nick comes by and looks after Brian, I can trust my brother with anything, he’s got a great job, and lives only about 8 blocks away from us. He’s also Brian’s godfather and would never do anything to harm him.

Now, I delighted myself with the knowledge that Brian’s mother would be out of the picture, but I also thought about something else, I have been a bit lazy and I’ve grown a bit of a paunch, to get a new lady in my life, I would have to work out a lot to get into a shape that they would find desirable. So I got myself a set of weights, that saw me lift them for a couple days, but really have been lying dormant for about the last 6 months. I had almost forgotten about them until Brian decided to take up lifting himself. I walked down the stairs, not worried about Brian hurting himself, as he had seen me lifting them and had practiced lifting them himself a couple months ago. I chuckled to myself at the possibility of my son growing up to be Mr. Olympia, the kid just didn‘t look like muscle was in his genes, but I think that‘s part of his motivation, to prove me wrong.

“Hey there, buddy, what you working on?” I asked as I see Brian curling 2 10 pound dumbbells.

“Right now I’m working on my arms, dad, wait till you see, I think I’m already getting bigger!”

Kids imaginations can be so great, don’t you think? “Sure, Brian, why don’t you put down the weights and give me a double biceps pose, like you saw the bodybuilders do.”

Brian smiled as he put down the weights and did the flex I asked for. I was fairly impressed by what I saw, my son’s formerly soft arms were looking more defined then I remember seeing on a kid his age.

“Wow, partner, those are some big guns you got there, are they as hard as they look.”

“Why don’t you find out for yourself, dad.” Brian says with a smirk of confidence on his face.

I strode over and placed my thumb and forefinger on the rounded muscle and tried to push down with a little bit of force, the hardness was there, definitely, I pushed a little bit harder and found some yield to my fingers, but for a 10 year old boy, his biceps was far harder than I would have expected.

“Very nice, Brian, but your old man can still take you.” I laughed as I play wrestled with him. It was one of our favorite things to do really, and this time I found he was slightly harder to control as I have done in the past. After 5 minutes of this, I was slightly worn out, but Brian seemed to be far less worn out than I was.

“Dad, one day I hope to be as strong as you.”

“Don’t worry about it champ, you’re gonna be stronger than me, I know it, and it may be sooner rather than later.”

Little did I know how right I was…

Two Weeks Later

“Brian buddy, are you dressed for school yet?”

“Yeah, I just got out of the shower, pop, I’ll be ready in about 5 minutes.”

I needed to say something to him, so I knocked on his door before opening it up to see my son standing there, in just a towel and what I saw nearly shocked me, my son was ripped to shreds, I could see striations in his pecs, he had at least a six pack of abs, and even his sides up to his armpits were rippling with muscle. He was standing there, seemingly unconcerned that he was just about naked, the only thing covering him was a white towel, which did nothing to hide his massive, ripped quads. I couldn’t believe it, after only two weeks my scrawny son had become a hunk! To tell you the truth, I got hard at the sight of him, I knew he was my son and all, but muscle turns me on and this 10 year old had an abundance of it.

“Dad? What did you need to see me about?”

“Huh? Oh! I just wanted to check on what was taking you so long, I’m sorry for staring, it just seems like yesterday that you were so small, now you look like a little man.”

“Thanks dad, do you like my muscles?” Saying this he did a double biceps pose that made my dick lurch in my pants. Where before were small lumps that barely registered as biceps now stood small peaked mountains that exploded off his arms.

“Wow, Brian! You have really packed some meat on those bones, pretty soon you’ll be challenging Mr. Olympia!”

“Yeah, or the World’s Strongest Man, you should see how strong I’ve gotten.”

“I can’t wait, son, after school, though. Have fun on your first day back, don’t get into any fights, with those muscles, I’m sure you can do a lot of damage if you wanted.”

“Yup, I know dad, but as strong as I look, I’m even stronger, and I can’t wait to show you. Plus, if the other kids want to make trouble with me, all I have to do is show them these.” He said as he hits another bicep flex. “Or these.” With that he started actually bouncing his pecs, showing unbelievable muscle control for someone so young.

“That’s great son, I know you’re gonna do great, especially in gym class, and I’m sure you’ll have to beat girls off with a stick. Now go get ready for school trooper, we gotta leave in a couple minutes.”

“Okay dad, I’ll be ready in a couple seconds.” 

He turned his back to me, so I could see his back and bare ass and I just couldn’t help it, I went straight into the bathroom and relieved myself, luckily I was already so close it took me about 30 seconds. Man, I felt dirty, thinking of my own son that way, but he transforming into something incredible right before my eyes, and if his strength was anything close to what his body looked capable of, I’d be sure to have to relieve myself quite a few more times.

I drove him to school, sneaking peeks at him, to see if his muscles would be noticed, he was wearing a long sleeve t-shirt that was quite baggy, so he probably won’t stick out. I was a bit disappointed really, I was hoping to see something that would show his muscle more. Then I stopped and figured something was wrong with me, how could I be envisioning my son like that? I smiled up at him and waved good bye.  Man, I cannot wait until he gets home!  To Be Continued

I parked my Chevy Cavalier in front of Brian’s school and waited for a couple minutes, but Brian didn’t come out. I was worried, then I saw a kid I knew was in Brian’s class, so I called him over. “Hey Mark, have you seen Brian, I’ve been waiting 5 minutes, he’s supposed to be out here by now.”

“Oh, hey, Mr. Charles, yeah, Brian left about 7 or 8 minutes ago, he said he wanted to run home to surprise you. He said something about being too excited to wait. I’m sure you can catch him before he gets home.”

The School was about 2 miles away from our house, which Brian has walked many, many times. It takes us 5 minutes by car, certainly he shouldn’t be able to get there in 8 minutes, even if he was jogging the whole time.

“Thanks Mark, I’ll see you around.”

“Sure thing, Mr. Charles.”

I sped home, trying some short cuts, but when I got home, it was apparent that Brian was already there. His backpack was on the living room chair, his jacket was hung up in the closet and his school clothes were left on the bed in his room. I looked around the kitchen and dining room for him, but there was no sign. Then I heard something that was unmistakable, the sound of iron bars clanking against one another.

“Brian, you had me wor….” I started, but wasn’t able to get it all out once I saw him. He was wearing a short pair of gym shorts and a tank top that a month ago would have been a tent on him, but now fit him very nicely, almost like a muscle shirt. He was doing overhead presses with dumbbells, I could barely believe my eyes, the weights he was using were 50 pounders!

“Oh, hey dad, didn’t hear you come home. Sorry I wasn’t at school, I just wanted to get a set in before you could get home, so I could be warmed up before I showed you how strong I really am.” He said this with the utmost of ease and composure, like the 100 pounds he was pressing was like a pair of stuffed animals to him. That’s probably more than he weighed at the time, yet he was doing it with so much ease, I didn’t think I could do that with even close to the amount of weight he was currently using, and apparently, this was only his warm-up!

“Oh, God, Brian, I had no idea you were this strong, those weights look like nothing in your hands!” I said shakily, bursting with sweat, pride, and some lust as I realized that my young ten year old boy was not only stronger than me, but got that strong in just over 2 weeks of lifting weights! My boner was near poking out the front of my pants.

“Thanks dad, yeah, I know I started lifting these things 2 days ago, but now they’ve just become too easy for me, so right now I’m using it to tone my arms, going for as many reps as possible. I just did my fiftieth rep, I guess that’ll do for a start.”

My head was spinning, staring at my boy I was amazed to see that he was a little bit bigger than he was this morning, his shoulders seemed a little wider, his pecs looked a little deeper and had more noticeable striations.

“Dad, are you okay, you look a little sick, want me to carry you upstairs?”

God, what a question! How could I respond to that?

“No, that’s alright, son, I just need a little bath to get my head clear, then I’ll come back down here with my gym clothes and work out with you, okay?”

“Sounds good dad, can’t wait to show you how strong I really am, I promise you, this was just the tip of the iceberg.”

I staggered upstairs, my third leg getting closer and closer to release, I went to the bathroom and pumped out another load into the toilet, then I took a nice, long, hot bath where I just relaxed and considered the possibilities of Brian’s power, and exactly how he was able to make himself grow big, ripped, and strong muscles in the course of 2 weeks. I was boned up again by the time the bath ended, I guess I should get rid of it, so I don’t get one in front of Brian down in the basement. I thought of muscle women lifting huge weights, them having muscles the size of a Mr. Olympia, but my thoughts always seemed to go to Brian, his muscles, his strength, I started imagining him doing unreal feats of strength, him having muscles that would make Mr. Olympia cry with envy, and I came harder than I ever had. Oh god, I must be a psycho I thought to myself, how can I look at my own son like this, what if I actually shot a load while he was there, what would he think of me?

I got myself dressed, breathed deeply to calm myself down and got back downstairs. Brian was in the process of taking his tank top off and throwing it on the bench, revealing a set of six pack abs that looked even more defined than what I had seen this morning, and he was showing the evidence that he may take this six pack up a notch into 8 pack territory.

“Hey dad, good to see you’re okay, you had me worried for a while, you were all white and sweaty.”

“Its alright Brian, I was feeling a little bit woozy, but now I’m completely fine, and ready to see how strong my boy really is.”

“Cool, how about we do measurements first, I’ll measure you, and then you can measure me.”

“Sounds great, champ, should I go first, then?”

“Sure, I would like to know how far away I am to being as big and strong as you.”

So Brian took the tape measure we had down here and took all my measurements, calves 19 ½”, thighs 26”, waist 38”, chest 46”, biceps 19”. Not bad, for a guy that’s out of shape and hasn’t worked out hard for six months. 

“Wow, dad, nice, now measure me!”

My hands were barely shaking as I received the tape from him, I got down and taped his calves at 14”, his thighs were 22”, his waist was also 22 inches around, his chest was 36”, and his biceps were an awesome 15” around. For a 10 year old boy standing 4’6, and weighing probably 90 pounds, those numbers were awfully impressive, not to mention that the muscle he was able to pack on to his body was packed on in 2 weeks.

Next I decided that we should weigh ourselves, I clocked in at 230 pounds, but Brian really surprised me, he was 98 pounds, but he certainly was no weakling. God, man, that’s a total of 28 pounds Brian has packed on, that equals out to 2 pounds of muscle a day, that seems almost impossible.

Could his strength be as impossible as his muscle gain?

“Well, Brian, how about we hit the weight room now, I want to see some of your strength, to see if you’re as strong as you say.”

“Okay, pop, what do you think of bench presses? You can go first and show how much you can do, then I’ll see if I can do the same.”

I nodded, “Okay, boy, put 225 on, that should be a good start, and if you can lift that, you’re the strongest person I’ve ever met pound for pound.”

So I got down on the bench, knowing that 225 was upwards of my max, but I could still do 3 or 4 reps with it. My son stood behind to be my spotter and I could only marvel up at the body that was inches away from my eyes, a six pack that would soon be an 8 pack, pecs almost an inch deep with striations and faint veins running all over them, some very big arms attached to a set of wide, round shoulders. There was some kind of adrenaline rush, I think, from the endorphins that were released when staring at my son, instead of 4 reps, I managed to do 10 full reps with 225.

“Is that all you can do dad?”

“What do you mean, is that all, 225 pounds is a pretty heavy weight, not to mention I haven’t worked out in about 6 months, doing 10 reps with that is pretty good, if you ask me.”

“Well, if that’s what you think is good, wait til you see what I can do with it.”

“Okay smart guy, let’s see what you can do with almost 2.5 times your bodyweight.”

Brian got down on the bench, his body looking even bigger and harder from the angle I was standing at, his abs bunched up, looking nearly bulletproof. He took the bar in his hands, didn’t even breath to get himself ready, he just hoisted the bar that was far heavier than him and started repping it out like it was absolutely nothing to him. I tried counting, but he was just going too fast for me to bother, so I just zeroed in to the show that was being put on before me. After like 3 minutes of this, he finally stopped, he got up from the bench with a huge smile on his face as he faced me, then he looked down at his pecs, my eyes traveled there as well. He smiled even wider as he saw that his pecs were totally pumped even more so, now veins could be seen easily, striations were deeper and more numerous, you could probably lose your finger to the second knuckle in the valley separating them.

“My goodness Brian, I don’t think there’s any discussion any more, you’re not only stronger than me, you’re at least 5 times as strong as I ever was, that weight looked meaningless to you, how many reps did you do there?”

“Thanks dad, I don’t know if I’m really 5 times stronger than you, judging by the fact that you only did ten reps, and I put up 200 reps, I would say I’m maybe 20 times stronger than you.”

“I hope you don’t let it go to your head, though, son, remember, you have a special gift, you shouldn’t use it to dominate people, you should use it to help people, whenever you can. I almost still can’t believe what I have been seeing today, but the evidence is standing right here in front of me, my 10 year old son has the muscles of a bodybuilder, and the strength of 3 of the World’s Strongest Men put together, I have to say, son, I’m very proud of you.”

“Awww, thanks dad, I’m very proud having you as my father, and don’t worry, I’ll never replace you, maybe I am stronger than you, but you’re still my dad, and I love you.”

“I love you too, son.” I pulled him close to me to hug him, I marveled at what I felt, his body was like a marble statue covered in a soft layer of leather. Then something happened that made me have to relieve myself again, my son picked me up in a front carry and started carrying me around the basement! I was 1 foot 5 inches taller, weighed 140 more pounds then him, but he carried me around like I was a stuffed animal to him.

“Oh My God, Brian, I love this, could you carry me all around the house like this?” I think I was letting my lust for his power and muscles get the best of me, but I was no longer at any point to care, this was one of my very deepest fantasies, to be carried around by someone much smaller than me, and it was coming true right in front of my eyes.

“Of course, dad, you’re as light as a feather to me, and I would love to show you my power, whenever, wherever, and however you ask, after all, it was your weights and your encouragement that helped me build this body.”

So Brian walked up the stairs with me in his arms, now switched to a cradle carry so he could  better see in front of him, the only problem with that was that my hard cock was very much within his range of vision, and because of this feat, and the fact that he was holding me against his ultra hard, ultra ripped body, I was closer to coming in my pants than in anytime in my life!

“Brian, buddy, could you take me up to the bathroom, I gotta go pretty bad.”

“Sure thing, dad, boy you’ve had to go to the bathroom a lot today, I wonder why?”

“Probably all the water I drink, and I did have chili for lunch today.”

Brian dropped me off right next to the bathroom door and let me do my business, I shakily staggered into the bathroom, and I started jacking my cock even harder than I had before our workout. I was grunting, moaning, and even said, “Oh God, Oh God!”

Brian must have thought I was having trouble, because he knocked on the door and said, “Dad, are you okay, I’ve never heard you make that kind of noise on the toilet before.”

“Yeah, I’m doing great son, just working the chili out of my system, I’ll be out in a few minutes, don’t wait up for me.” I shuddered, I don’t enjoy lying to my son, but I didn’t want him to know exactly what I’ve been doing in here, and why I’ve been doing it since this morning.

“Okay dad, I got a surprise for you when you come out, I think you’re going to really like it.”

“Thanks, sport, I can’t wait to see it.”

I got done, after coming more than I had the whole day prior to this, thinking about my son carrying me in as many different ways as possible. I then really had to go pee, so as soon as my hard on went down, I commenced to the post pleasurable post cum piss I ever had.

I then got out and Brian was no where to be seen, I shouted out, “Brian, where are you?”

“I’m down in the basement dad, preparing your surprise, come down in about 2 minutes okay?”

“No problem, son, I can’t wait to see what you got for me.”

So I waited in anticipation for him to say he was ready, when Brian finally said to come on it, I rubbed my hands in anticipation, wondering what my son had in store for me.

What I saw amazed and delighted me beyond imagination, there standing there in front of me was Brian, wearing nothing but a posing strap!

“Dad, I ordered this suit with my paper boy money, I wanted to be a bodybuilder from the first time I saw that Mr. Olympia contest on TV, I wanted to get as big as any of those guys and bigger. I wanted to step on stage with the biggest and best of them, and show that I could be bigger, stronger, and more ripped than any of them, I’m only just begun, but I wanted to give you a special preview of what to expect.”

With that, Brian hit the play button on the CD player, and Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” started to play, Brian started out with his back to me, he spread his lats, making his back appear like it doubled in width, with his small waist, it looked like an angry cobra. His shoulders here high, ripped, round, then he hit a back biceps pose, his shoulders flew up to even a higher degree, his biceps were clearly visible from the back, the peaks rising near to the height of his shoulders. I looked down to his glutes, which were round, and somewhat striated, they weren’t ripped to shreds just yet, but I could see the beginnings of a couple striations that with the right training, would be quite visible in time. His hamstrings were ripped, separated into their individual muscle groups like few men or women bodybuilders I had ever seen, and his calves were defined beautifully, looking like upside-down hearts made out of diamond!

Then he turned around to give me a good look at his front side, and what I saw impressed me all the more. He hit a double biceps pose again, standing there, shaking, trying to put more and more effort into it to get his muscles even bigger. It looked like it worked, as his biceps and triceps both looked to bulging out of his arm with more size than ever before. If I had a tape measure to put around that arm, it looked closer to 17 than the 15 I taped earlier that day. He switched into a front ab pose, which scrunched up his six pack, then he pulled back to make sure every square was clearly visible, and scrunched down again with even more force, making it look like a vacuum pose that I had only heard of in male muscle stories. His quads were huge, ripped, and separated into their 4 individual heads, the teardrop shape that only the very few genetically gifted individuals can attain was clearly visible. From the front, his calves appeared like magic from the back, then he started to roll the muscle on his thigh, then making it stop suddenly, showing incredible muscle control.

I was soaked, I hadn’t noticed during Brian’s posing display, because my eyes and mind were so rapt at attention watching the show that unfurled in front of me. But I was sweating the whole time, and unbeknownst to me, my dick had discharged two large loads into my underwear that I didn’t even know happened until I noticed a warm, sticky feeling down there, and looked down to see my fading erection and a large wet spot on my red gym shorts.

“Umm, Brian, I gotta go to the bathroom again, my stomach, ugh.”

“Do you want me to carry you again, I liked that.”

“No, no, that’s completely alright, besides you got baby oil all over yourself, I think I can make it on my own.”

I got my shirt to cover the wet spot on my shorts, just barely. Man, today was incredible for me, I came 6 times! That was a new record for me, and the last two times, I didn’t even have to touch myself. I was ashamed that my own son was the reason for it, but I had to admit, it was becoming less and less likely that that would change anytime soon, his muscles, his strength, and his confidence really got me going. He was, in short, the perfect specimen, I would doubt anyone in my position would act any differently when confronted with the site of that body.

But soon, Brian’s going to get curious, he’s going to figure out what I’ve been doing, I won’t always be able to just hide away my true feelings. I guess the only thing I can do is tell Brian about the birds and the bees, about what I have been doing and why, what his body does to me, I hope he can understand and not be ashamed of me like I am of myself.

“Brian, could you come into the living room, I got something I have to get of my chest. And make sure you’re fully clothed, I don’t want any distractions.”

“What is it dad?”  Brian asked with a look of concern on his face.

“Sit down over there, I have something I would like to tell you, and I’m not particularly proud of it. Just let me say this, I have always loved you as my son, ever since you were born, and that is never going to change.”

“Uhhh, Okay?”

“Son, you have had sex education at your school, right?”

“Yeah, sure we have.”

“Tell me what you know about it?”

“Well, you know, a man and a woman, have sex to have children.”

“Did they talk about masturbation in that class?”

“Yeah, a little, its when you play with yourself because you don’t have someone else to do it for you, what is this all about dad?”

“Well, what happened is your mother caught me masturbating to a picture of a muscular woman, she was disgusted with me. She asked me if that’s really what I wanted and when I tried to make amends, she slapped me and left, I have always enjoyed seeing muscle, hugely developed, very defined muscle, on both men and women, it turns me on to such a degree, I look at muscle magazines in a  book shop and I pop a boner. Sorry, that means my dick gets hard because it is excited. Brian, I want you to understand, the way your muscle and strength have grown over the last two weeks has greatly excited me, I have masturbated a  lot because your body is the most perfect specimen of muscle I have ever seen up close. I haven’t had control over it, if I could control it, I would, because I know its completely wrong and unacceptable to be turned on by a boy your age.”

“Dad, I know what you’re trying to say, and I’m completely okay with it. I have leaned somewhat about sex in school, I know about sexual attraction, and lust, dad, you know my friend Mark? Well, lately, he’s been having the same reactions as you to my body, so does my teacher, Mr. Williams, I thought they were acting a little bit weird, but now I know what’s been happening and why, I guess I can’t blame you or them. Now I see the way you are looking at me now, and I know what that feels like, because I‘ve been looking at you the same way since I have known you, you‘re my hero dad, and I think I can be a hero for you. I mean I know it makes you happy to whack off, I’ve seen your face after you’ve come out of the bathroom, so happy, so relieved, so if you ever need me to make you happy, I’ll be glad to do it.”

“Well, Brian, I’m happy you’re not ashamed of me, and you’re being really mature about this.”

“Thanks dad, do you mind though, I would like to see your penis, I’ve never seen a grown ups, I’ve seen Mark’s but that was just playing doctor, you know? I would like to compare mine with yours.”

“Well, son, I guess that would be alright, I mean it is a natural thing to be curious about your sexual equipment, and how you compare with your dad, in that area, I was curious too. I think if you just keep it between you and me, sure I’ll show you mine, but only if you show me yours as well.”

“Okay, sure, that would be really cool!”

So I undid my belt, unzipped my pants, and slowly pulled them underwear down, revealing my rapidly hardening cock to my son for the first time.

“See son, this is what a grown-up’s dick when it is erect looks like. Now, I’ve shown you mine, show me yours.”

I felt so dirty, but I was well past the point where I had to be so private, my son was so mature and understanding. He pulled his shorts off, then his nice red briefs,  and for the first time in a long time, since he began to take his own baths, I witnessed his boyhood upfront. I couldn’t believe my eyes, he pulled down his underwear little by little, and I was flabbergasted as I found out his 10 year old Manhood was bigger flaccid then mine was totally hard. I gasped a little and for the first time in front of him, I began to cum a little.

Suddenly Brian pulled his underwear and pants up and yelled, “Whoa, so you shoot white stuff out of your thing too, but its such a small amount, when it happens to me, I shoot out a lot!”

“Wait, you‘re telling me that you get erections and already shoot out semen?”

“Well, yeah, but I only started last week. Dad, its my body that is doing this to you, isn’t it, you said muscle and strength turn you on, but you haven’t ever been around someone as strong and muscular as me, and it makes that stuff come out your cock when I do something like this.”

What he did next was just incredible, Brian stepped up to my semi-naked body, put one hand on the inside of my thigh and the other hand on my chest and without a grunt of effort or any apparent strain at all, he lifted me straight over his head, until his arms extended. He looked up at me, seemingly uncaring that he was holding 240 pounds at the ends of his incredibly huge arms, then he started pressing me up and down like I was a barbell, and it felt awesome, I didn’t think I could get hard again so soon after coming just a minute before, but my son obviously knew what he was doing, despite not knowing how sex actually worked.

“Brian, what are you doing, stop this right now!?!”

“But I thought you like being lifted dad, I knew by how much you needed to get to the bathroom when I was carrying you around yesterday. Dad, I know why mom left, but I don’t want you to be alone ever again. Mom could never fulfill your fantasies anyway, she wasn’t strong or muscular, but I love you, and I’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy, and if that means making you shoot semen out of your thing by flexing my muscles or showing off my strength, then that’s just what I’m going to do.”

With that, the pace of his overhead pressing increased 10 fold, I was going up and down so fast that I could only see a blur, I was jerking and twisting, but Brian held on to me tight. Finally, I couldn’t stand it any more, the thought of my boy’s power and rapidly growing muscles hit me square in the nutsack and I couldn’t help but come once again, this time, because of my position, the cum landed squarely on Brian’s arm and shoulder.

“That’s 1 in 1 minute, 40 seconds, dad. In case you want to know, I’m making it my mission to break your record for comes in a day, and I plan on shattering that by 3pm, I want to see how many times I can make you shoot that white stuff.”

“What….What about school?”

“Dad, I called in sick right before you called me in here, I told them I had flu-like symptoms, because I knew something like this would come about, I wanted to keep growing my muscle after seeing you react to them yesterday, same thing with my strength. I didn’t know what was going on as far as coming, but I saw the look of wonder, and awe on your face, and also the absolute love you had for me, and it filled me with so much pride, I almost broke down and cried a couple times. I decided even then, I was going to stay home and try to get that look on your face as many times as I could. I know its not right, and I‘ll make up for it, I promise, I just want to explore this today, if you want to, dad?”

“Well, son, a lot has happened over the past couple of days, but for me all I want is for you to be happy, and if making me happy makes you happy, then I guess I’ll go along for the ride.”

“Okay dad, thank you, I really do want to make you happy, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“But first, I got to make this perfectly clear, son, I do not want to have sex with you, you’re only 10 and my own son, I just wouldn’t feel right.”

“Oh, I know, and I don’t want to have sex with you either dad, but I do want to make you happy as possible, and the only times I’ve seen you completely happy is after my body makes you shoot semen out of your thing, that’s the only interaction my body and your thing is going to have.”

“That’s fine with me, buddy. By the way, it’s not called a thing, call it penis, dick, or cock, you’re 10 years old now, I think that’s old enough to start using some adult words like that.”

“Thanks, dad. Well, tonight, I plan on making your dick (sniggers) shoot as many times as possible.” 

“That’s another thing, Brian, you can use the word cum, that’s what its also called when someone has an orgasm, when a man shoots semen out of his cock, it’s easier, really.”

“Cool, dad, I can’t wait to explore this with you. Stay right there, I want to get something ready for you. I know you’re going to like it, and I bet it will make you cum (snigger) really quickly.”

Brian ran away and came back with a crowbar, he was wearing a really tight looking t-shirt and his gym shorts, he handed me the crowbar, and let me tell you, it was completely real, must have weighed at least 30 pounds, I could barely hold it for more than 30 seconds, but in Brian’s arms it looked completely weightless.

“You ready?”

“Yeah, champ, lay it on me.”

He smiled as he took the crowbar in his two hands and put his feet at shoulder width, he grimaced a little with effort, I thought there was no way, that thing was pure steel, no way could a ten year old who just started lifting two weeks ago bend that thing. But then I heard a distinct keening sound, then it turned to screeching and squealing, Brian’s muscles bulged through his t-shirt, it was now so tight that you could make out every vein, every striation that you could possibly have on a human body.

There was now a different sound entering the cacophony of metal straining, the sound of cotton fabric being torn, then I saw the first evidence of this, as the sleeves of his shirt started splitting, then the shoulders, finally, the neckline was being ripped. While this was a feast for my eyes on its own, there was still the fact that he held a now slightly bent 30 pound crowbar in his hands, and was straining to bend it to an even farther degree. My eyes were straining, trying to see all this action at once, but Brian’s eyes weren’t on the task at hand, he was looking straight into my eyes. I’ll never forget the look of determination that almost scared me as he poured more and more of his incredible power into it.

My head was spinning, but I knew he was growing stronger right in front of me, his muscles were growing bigger, getting even more ripped if that was even possible. He was willing himself to grow, not for his own purposes, but for me, to satisfy me, that look told me all that and even more. My 10 year old son was trying to impress me so much that he was trying to make me cum without even touching myself, and to tell you the truth, he was succeeding, I was really, really close, just the slightest thing, could set me off right at that point.

The thing that finally set me off wasn’t that he was now easily bending the bar with his now super strength, or the fact that his body was now so huge with muscles that he could have easily stepped up on stage at a professional male bodybuilding competition and take it over, leaving men 3 or 4 times his age, twice or three times his bodyweight, 1 and a half feet to two feet taller than him on average, looking like they were just average men, not men who’ve worked years and years to attain that size. No, the thing that set me off was his determination, it was the fact that he could will himself to accomplish anything that he set his mind to, I had it in my mind seeing him growing strong enough to lift a car over his head, I saw him growing muscles so huge that it left any two Mr. Olympia’s bodies in the dust. I saw him completing every mission with such zeal, and in every one of those fantasies, I saw his smiling face, looking up at my content face, knowing he did it all for his daddy.  The End 


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