Saturday, 15 October 2011

Project Muscle Boy

"Oh My Lord!”
“I can’t believe my eyes!”
“I can’t possibly be seeing this, right?”
Those and many more phrases were being thrown around the night of the 2021 Mr. Olympia contest, but it wasn’t due to the awesome might of any of the competitors there, oh no, it was due to the fact that someone made a special appearance that forever changed the World of Bodybuilding, hell, it transformed the World itself! That was the day the World was introduced to little Graham Jennings, a six year old wunderkind that took the stage by storm. This is the story of his rise to power.
Year One and Two
Graham was the offspring of a scientist father and an athletic mother, a former tennis gold medalist and Wimbledon runner up. As his father, I was interested in building the human body to the ultimate in health, strength, and agility. By producing a healthy offspring that I would train from a young age, I would also give him a special muscle building serum to make him grow stronger and more muscular, I hoped to attain this ideal.
You may ask why am I doing this? I have been a fan of muscles on young boys ever since I first discovered a young boy named Richard Sandrak about 10 years ago or so. When he burst on the scene, I realized that genetic potential and the right training can take a boy very, very far. I wanted to discover how well genetic potential, training, amounts of food that would choke an elephant, and a special designer steroid that I myself had developed for just this purpose would take him. You may see me as a monster, someone who would experiment on my own son as though he’s nothing more than a lab rat, but what I am doing, I’m doing out of love for my own son. He never has to worry about being unhealthy, he never has to worry about having to be anything but loved and respected. He doesn’t have to live the sham of a life I’ve have to live for the past 25 years.
Graham was 10 pounds 3 ounces when he was born, and seemed to be receptive and vibrant as a newborn. He was a very happy baby, I almost never hear him cry in his first 4 weeks at home, but he was constantly giggling and laughing, it was a sound that was music to my ears. When he did cry, it wasn’t a long, annoying wail of pain, it was him trying to ask for something, but because he couldn’t speak, he had to find something else to do with his voice. Graham was very smart it seemed, taking after his father in at least one area.
I first started him on my special formula when he was 3 months old, he was very healthy even before that, no doubt due to his mother’s exceptionally fit body, and the fact that we tried to get him as much exercise as it was possible for a three month old baby. After that point, things seemed to come easier for Graham, he was learning to crawl, roll over, and stand up using furniture around him much earlier than was expected for a baby his age. At six months old, he began to walk around for short periods of time, anyone can tell you, that is incredibly spectacular, from my experience and research, that usually doesn’t happen until at least 13 months old. When Graham did fall down, there was no crying, there was no sign that he was hurt in the least, he just got back up and walked around like normal. Stuff you just don’t see from a 6 month old was a regular occurrence at our house.
Around 7 months old, there was something that was slowly, but surely donning on me, he was more energetic, instead of just walking around, he was actually sprinting from room to room, he already showed an athletic prowess that you usually don’t see until a child is at least 2 years old, if not even older. It was hard to keep up with him, luckily at 5’10, I had longer legs and could chase him down, but I couldn’t help wondering when that would come to an end, where the son surpasses the father in speed and endurance? Could it be sooner, rather than later? Luckily for me, he was never unruly when out in public, he didn’t run out in the street, he didn’t act like the baby he was. He was quiet and reserved, unless around family and friends and we allowed him to be.
At 9 months an incredible thing happened, for the first time that I could see, there was no baby fat on his body anymore. He was completely lean, and you could actually see the start of a couple of lumps in his body, things that looked suspiciously like muscle. I guess his diet, me putting the growth serum in his food, and the fact that he was so incredibly active was working its magic on his body. He wasn’t noticeably muscular as far as size is concerned, but you could tell he had the beginnings of muscular potential never seen by anyone so young.
At his first birthday party, Graham was 2’5 and weighed 35 pounds, but like was remarked by many of the guests at his party, none of it could be fat, there was no fat to be found anywhere on his body. Many of the women gasped when Graham playfully lifted his shirt to reveal a chiseled abdomen and the beginnings of pectoral muscles, they were even more amazed when they found him play wrestling with his 4 year old cousin Perry, and winning! They could only comment on how strong he looked as he pinned the much bigger boy’s hands above his head, smiling, showing all of 2 teeth, while the 4 year old struggled with all his might to free himself.
“My god, he’s only a year old, but I bet he’s stronger than a regular 5 year old!” my sister Judy said in complete awe. “I wonder how strong he can get if he’s trained properly, and look at his stomach, it looks like he’s already got a 4 pack!”
I smiled with pride as I saw my young son with his knees over a 4 year old’s arms, doing a double biceps pose, that I taught him how to do. I almost cried as I saw what kind of muscle he had developed without yet even lifting a weight.
“Judy, it’s been amazing raising Graham, little things he does are truly amazing considering how old he is. I don’t know how he does it.” I lied, I knew perfectly well that it was my serum that was the cause of all the uproar. “All I know is he’s always been a very happy, very active little boy, if he were to start lifting weights, I’m sure he’d take to it right away, but I think it’s a little too early to be thinking about that. He may be very smart, very mature for his age, but he’s still only 1 year old, there’s no possible way I can trust him around heavy weights just yet.” I thought to myself, it won’t be too long, not as long as he keeps going the way he has.
Graham was 15 months old when I first heard him speak.
“Graham, my goodness, you said your first word! Anna, come in here, Graham is talking! Do it again, Graham!”
“Dadda! Dadda! Dadda!” Graham repeated before the awed faces of both his mom and dad.
“Can you say Momma?” My wife asked Graham.
“Momma! Momma! Dadda! Momma!”
We were overjoyed, but one thing did catch my attention, other than my super-smart little boy, he didn’t have a shirt on, and his muscles appeared to be bigger than ever, his biceps, pecs, and abs clearly visible even when relaxed, but as he clapped his hands, the movement bunched them up to such a degree that they were noticeably bigger than they were a week ago. I reach down to feel them, and can’t believe how hard his muscles have become, there is not even a level of baby fat to squish, its all tight skin over rock hard muscle, all on a 15 month old boy that was 2 feet tall and weighed 42 pounds.
3 months later, we took Graham into the doctors for his 18 month check up. What happened was incredible to say the least. First Graham was measured, he was now 2’2 and weighed 48 pounds, most of it solid muscle. Dr. Martin was a fairly frail man of 68, he was 5’6 and weighed 130 pounds, and he could not lift Graham up onto the table, so I had to do it for him.
“Boy, you’re a big little boy aren’t you? What is he, 3 years old now?”
“Well, no doctor, actually, he’s only 18 months old. He’s just really big for his age. We’ve been feeding him a lot of healthy things, I guess, plus he gets a ton of activity, running around, wrestling with bigger kids, stuff like that.”
“Well he certainly looks strong, and his weight is far over that of any child even close to his age, my own 4 year old nephew weighs 44 pounds, so to see a child 2 and a half years younger weigh more, and not have one ounce of it be extra fat tissue, its incredible.”
Dr. Martin then turned back to Graham and extended his finger, in order to look into Graham’s mouth, but Graham gripped the fairly big finger in his right hand. Dr. Martin tried to bring it away from Graham, but Graham held on, giggling at the Dr’s shocked expression when he found he couldn’t pull his finger out of a toddler’s one hand. He kept pulling, but the results were the same, his finger didn’t move one iota. Soon the doc pulled with all his might, and in a direct test of strength between him and a 1 and a half year old, he was slowly losing ground, Graham was actually pulling the doctor to him while the doctor was pulling back with just about all the weight he could manage.
I was shocked, I knew Graham was incredibly strong for his age, but I never thought I’d see him win against a grown man so soon. Even one of Dr. Martin’s advanced age, small size and frailness. It took me a bit to recover and say, “Okay Graham, let the good Dr. go, I’m terribly sorry Dr. Martin, I hope you’re alright.”
“My goodness, that was quite impressive, Mr. Wilson, I would venture to say that Graham here has more strength than the average 7 year old, right now, I should know, my 7 year old grandson was able to do just the same thing that Graham just did, he’s got no where to go but up, as well, have you had him work out with weights yet?”
“No, no, we’re going to wait until he’s at least 2 years old until we can let him pick up any weights, but right now we’re letting him do pushups and sit-ups, and he can already do pull-ups on his own, using the bars on his crib. I’m not surprised he’s so strong with all the stuff he does around the house, I mean he could pick up my 10 pound shoes when he was about 13 months old, now he can do both with one hand, I don’t know where he gets it, I mean his mom’s athletic, but I’m definitely not.”
“And you’re not giving anything to help him get all this muscle and strength?”
“Well, nothing more than a good diet of proteins and greens, he gets the healthiest of everything around the house, but no, other than that, it’s all his genetics and hard work that’s making him into a pocket Hercules.”
“Okay, well as you can probably already guess, he’s the picture of health, bring him back in 6 months for his 2 year check up, I’m sure he’ll be even more impressive by then.”
“I have no doubts about that doc, no doubts at all.”
To be continued....


  1. lol man your kid is STRONG im 14 and 6'2 and i think if id fight your kid i would lose lol

    1. fuck you must be amazing would love you to abuse me

  2. and id love to see some pics

  3. He's not real, you retards! It's a fiction story..

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