Saturday, 15 October 2011

Luckiest Boy in the World

Here is a brand new story by friend of the page, Lead Guitarist, its titled the Luckiest Boy in the World. Now, there is a little bit of sexual content to this story, the boys in it are 12 and 10 years old, and they do talk about and act sexually, so be prepared for that. This story may not be your cup of tea, if it isn't don't complain, it does contain more muscle and power than sex, so it definitely qualifies to be posted at this site. I hope those of you inclined do enjoy it. If you do, don't hesitate to post your comments. Here it is:

I’m the luckiest boy in the world.
My name is Chris Bannister. I’m twelve years old and I’m Swedish on my mom’s side and Canadian on my dad’s side. Mostly white, but somewhere in the mix there’s some Polynesian blood too. I live in Victoria, British Columbia, and I’m world famous.
You see, I’ve known I was gay for as long as I could remember. Some of my earliest memories are of getting erections watching my dad’s bodybuilding DVDs. My dad’s a bodybuilder and has competed in national level contests and has done well. My mom’s a bodybuilder too, and she’s won the Ms. Canada contest! But I was boning up to dad’s contest videos since I was three years old, I bet. And I was REALLY turned on by musclemen. Bodybuilders in skimpy little posing suits, shaved smooth and coated in oil – delicious! I wanted to be one, so I begged my parents when I was three or four to let me work out with them, and they did. And I’m still doing it.
I’m beautiful. I’ve known from earliest childhood that I was better looking than other kids. My hair is long, full, and straight, black with natural streaks of almost pure white – nobody has hair like mine! My skin is perfect – white, but tans very deeply and very easily, and I never burn. My eyes are huge and deep brown with little golden sparkles in the irises. My nose is small and upturned, very cute-little-boy-like, and my lips are full. My teeth are perfectly straight and blinding white – maybe the best teeth ever! My face just looks wonderful – I’m like a boy-elf, a higher being. Everyone else, boy or girl, is ugly next to me.
I’m not bragging. I’m just telling the truth. Even before I got my amazing physique, I was turning heads everywhere my parents took me. People fawned over me. But as I got older, I got even better looking, if that’s possible. And my body? Let’s just say I have the best bodybuilding genetics ever! I was packing muscle on by the time I was five, and it just came faster and faster. I had thirteen-inch biceps by the time I was six. Then I started getting really freaky! By the time I was ten, I had twenty-inch biceps and you wouldn’t believe my strength! I was stronger than my dad when I was ten. He’s the strongest bodybuilder in the province, and has twenty-four inch biceps, but I was outcurling him, outbenching him, outdeadlifting him, and beating him at every exercise by my tenth birthday. My chest was so strong, my pecs so thick, that I could trap my dad’s hand between them and he couldn’t pull it out, just because I was flexing!
And guess what? I’m a late bloomer! It’s two weeks after my twelfth birthday, and I still don’t have a single pubic hair, my voice hasn’t broken, I’m only five feet tall, and my dad didn’t start puberty until he was fifteen, so it’s not likely I will either. But my biceps now measure twenty-six inches! My chest measures fifty-six inches – yeah, my chest is almost as big around as I am tall, and my waist is still only twenty-five inches! My biceps are bigger than my waist! Nobody in history has ever been built like me!
So why am I the luckiest boy alive? I’m gay, I love beautiful boys, and I love hugely-muscled bodybuilders with incredible strength. That’s me in a nutshell! I am my own greatest wet dream! I can give myself an orgasm just by glancing in the mirror. If I strip to my tiny posing suit, and do my posing routine in the mirror, my cock is steel-stiff in my suit and I can’t help coming and coming! I still don’t produce semen yet, so my suit stays dry, but my balls and cock have been getting bigger over the past few months and I can feel that I’m getting ready to! And it feels GREAT! And you should see how my posing suit looks when I’ve got an erection – which is almost all the time! My suits are custom-made from the stretchiest, clingiest, sexiest fabrics available and when I wear one, it vacuums itself to my cock and balls and strokes me as I pose and flex, and it looks and feels like the HOTTEST thing EVER!! I mean, it’s truly obscene-looking, pure kiddie porn, or kiddie muscle porn.
But they still take pics and videos of me posing in my suits. And they publish them! You can buy videos of me online at my website, and I’m in bodybuilding magazines every month! Some right-wing nuts think I should be shut down for selling these kiddie-porn videos (even though there’s no sexual activity in them – except me having orgasms while I flex, and even though I’m legally clothed), but I think most of these right-wing nuts are jerking off to any pics and vids of me they can get! I bet they are. I really do! I mean, I sure do!
We also sell vids of me doing feats of strength. You should have seen this one, this one I’m about to describe. We live on a hundred-acre lot and our driveway goes up a steep hill for about a hundred meters or so. Well, this one time last year, my dad and I went to the bodybuilding wholesaler warehouse to load up on more weights for our gym, and we stacked a whole new ton of weight in the back of our pickup truck. When we drove back home, I told dad to stop at the bottom of the driveway because I wanted to try something. I handed him the video camera and said “Watch!” I stripped my clothes off down to my skimpiest, tiniest, clingiest little posing suit and put my shoes back on. Then I got behind the truck and LIFTED THE WHOLE BACK END OF THE TRUCK OFF THE GROUND!! And then, as my dad videoed me, I started pushing the truck up the steep driveway!! You should see the video! My biceps got so pumped that I thought they were going to BURST! You should see my amazing, bulging glutes – my dad spent a lot of the video time on my ass, and that’s fine by me! My glutes bulged so much that my suit kinda disappeared between those humps of perfect strong muscle, and it looked like I was wearing a thong! My quads bulged enormously, my back rippled with the thickest muscles you’ve ever imagined – WOW did I ever look STRONG! And I was strong! I pushed the truck all the way up the driveway, holding the rear wheels at least six inches off the driveway the whole way! And when I got to the top, I was sweating and breathing hard and I was PUMPED!! I flexed up huger muscles than ever – like, I had biceps on top of my biceps all packed together and stuffed with MUSCLE! - and came and came, my cock as hard as steel in my suit and it’s just SO OBVIOUS that it’s jerking itself and my expression was so blissful and my muscles so gigantic and pumped and STRONG – I’m coming now as I write about it! WOW! It was SO COOL! I gotta go watch that video again right now so I can come some more – I’ll be right back!

Okay, I’m back now. I watched the video twice and came three times and posed for myself in the mirror and came twice more and I’m back and I’m STILL rock-hard! My cock is SO turned on by ME! I’m wearing the same posing suit now that I was wearing in that video, only that was last year and I’ve grown a bit since then, especially in the cock and balls department! And the suit has become worn with age and use, so now, not only does it only just barely contain my junk, it’s just about see-through! It looks even sexier than it did in the video – my cock stretches it out so far and points it up above the waistband and it turns me on so much! It makes me feel soooo strong and SOOOO SEXY!
So that pushing-the-truck-up-the-driveway video was mostly about my back and legs. And biceps, of course! Now I have to tell you about one I did that showcased my upper body from the front. This one I did just a week ago, and I’m even stronger now than I was when I did the truck video! I’m so strong even I can’t believe it! It was time to bend some steel! So we set up the camera and my dad gave me some steel bars, like they used to use in the World’s Strongest Man contests – you know, easy stuff like half-inch diameters and stuff like that. I used to watch those old contests and I thought guys like Lou Ferrigno and Bill Kazmaier were wusses because they couldn’t seem to bend these thin little steel bars. Why weren’t they bending barbells and prison bars and stuff like that? Why weren’t they pouring on the REAL power? Answer: they were big and WEAK! I’m little and STRONG!! Way stronger than they ever were!! And that turns me ON!!
I had a couple of little small towels to wrap around the bars to cushion my hands. Let’s face it: when you’re as strong as I am, you have to protect your hands! I started with a thin bar, like a half-inch bar, and twisted it into a pretzel in just a few seconds. It wasn’t hard. It almost felt like it was made of stiff rubber or something – certainly not something that should stop a STRONG man (or BOY!) from bending it. So then I took a three-quarter-inch bar and tried to bend it. It was a LOT harder, and I actually got a pump from doing that one. It was slower, and got me sweating a little and made me feel my heart beat. My dad, who was working the camera, thought I should stop there and just pose a bit, because my chest was PUMPED and so were my arms! But I told him that I felt stronger still, and that I was just getting warmed up, and that I wanted to REALLY show off, and prove I was stronger than even my dad could believe!
So, while my dad was still videoing me, I went to the box of posing suits I keep in the gym and found my skimpiest, tiniest suit. With my back turned, I stripped off the suit I’d been wearing, giving the camera a nice view of my naked, muscled little butt, and pulled the tiny suit on, tugging it up nice and snug, settling it between my glutes, string sides nice and high on my hips, making sure the pouch really cradled my junk nicely. I picked up the bottle of oil and began to really oil up. Dad said, “Come on, Chris! You can’t handle the steel with oily hands!”
“You’d better oil me, then, Dad!”
So the video jiggled a bit while Dad set the camera on the tripod, and then he stepped into the shot and helped oil me. He’d been working out too, and was wearing his posing suit, and he looked pumped and contest-ready just like I did! So we got some great video of two supermuscled, almost-naked guys, father and amazing young son, oiling each other and boning up SERIOUSLY, both of us, in our tiny suits! It’s really hot to watch! I know some people might think it’s weird for a dad to get an erection while oiling his little boy’s muscles, but really it isn’t, when the little boy is ME and the muscles are MINE and are huge and ripped and veiny and just so strong it blows your mind! I stood with my right side toward the camera as my dad oiled my back, and just ‘cause I felt like it I arched my back, tightened my glutes hard, pinching my suit between them so I was almost in a thong as dad oiled those bulging young muscles and held my arms out wide, flexing my chest so my pecs BULGED, showing off my deep armpits and my super-tiny ripped belly. And my cock swelled up and stretched my tiny posing suit WAY away from my flat abs, the suit hugging so close and tight every vein and ripple of my cock and balls were not just visible, but HIGHLIGHTED by my tiny, sky-blue suit! I knew I looked so HOT my cock started jerking as my dad oiled my butt and I was coming, and almost gasping breath, feeling all my muscle and my cock and my maleness and feeling so GOOD and so PROUD of my strength and my beauty and I knew how this would look on the video and I knew it would look BEAUTIFUL and soooo SEXY but I’m ME and that’s just the way I am!
Dad finished oiling me and I gave a quick flex to the camera. Then I went to the barbell Dad was using for his deadlifts. He’d been doing reps with 600 pounds! That’s not much to me, though. Dad turned the camera to me and I lifted that barbell up easily. You should see my ripped quads on that video as I stood with that bar! Huge, bulging, tanned, oiled – my legs look fantastic! Then I did something my dad could never dream of doing. I began curling that bar! Six hundred pounds! Being raised by the amazing, huge biceps of a beautiful twelve-year-old boy! And it was kind of easy. I wasn’t really working the guns yet. I stopped the bar halfway up, checking the fantastic size and shape of my biceps in the gym mirror, and then I smiled into the camera and started really, really straining my strength to the limit. I was trying to bend the bar into a U-shape, with three hundred pounds on each end of the U! My dad’s voice is on the video, telling me to stop trying, that there was no way I could do this, that not even I was strong enough to do it, and that he didn’t want me to hurt myself trying. That just made me mad! I hate being told I’m not strong enough! Especially by my dad! Looking back now, I think he knew that, and he was doing it to just urge me on, but whatever. He made me MAD and I felt even stronger! You should have seen my muscles! Holy cow, was I ever PUMPED! Bigger than I’d ever been – biceps with veins like tree roots, and shaped so fantastically that they looked like pure strength! I was gasping breath, my skin turning red from my sheer effort, and the BARBELL STARTED TO BEND! Wow! I’d never done that before, even without the weight, and I was dumbfounded by my own sheer STRENGTH! I could hear my dad groan as he saw, and heard, the bar bending and creaking, and saw how enormous and powerful my muscles were. He was speechless, but he was cumming in his posing suit! And so was I! My cock was stiffer than it had ever been and it was jerking and for the first time I was actually getting a little wet cum! A wet stain appeared on the front of my tiny suit and I was so proud that, with a huge effort, I lifted the whole barbell, six hundred pounds, over my head and kept bending it! I had to keep readjusting my balance because the six hundred pounds is way more than I weigh and holding it that high was causing me to almost topple over! But my arms were bulging, my shoulders were bulging, my pecs were huge and bulging, my back muscles were crazy bulging, my posing suit was wet and bulging and jerking and getting wetter and starting to drip my first boycum and I felt sexier than anybody in the history of the universe! And that made me feel so STRONG that I couldn’t be stopped! I BENT that bar until the weights were jammed together and then I threw it to the floor, feeling like a conquering warrior. My dad was trying to talk to me – on the video, he’s telling me how amazed he is and how proud he is, but I wasn’t listening. I was stomping around the gym floor like a bull, breathing hard, feeling so strong I almost couldn’t stand it, feeling stronger by the second! I was totally into myself, my muscles, my huge, MIGHTY muscles, my ever-increasing STRENGTH!! I felt like I was being possessed by gods of strength, like there was nothing I couldn’t do! I started heading for the gym wall – I don’t know what I was thinking, but I think I was going to try to burst through the concrete block wall, because I didn’t thing there was anything that could stop me! You can’t imaging feeling this STRONG!! My dad left the camera on the tripod and came to stop me, giving me a big hug from behind and gently calming me down. I could feel his big cock rock hard through his tiny posing suit pressing against my even-harder boy glutes, and it felt good. Ooh, did it ever feel good! I just finally relaxed, and fell back into my dad’s arms, blissful, and he carried me out of the video shot.
You can’t see it on the video because I was out of the shot, but as my dad was carrying me, my cock kept jerking in my suit and I kept pumping cum! My tiny suit was soaked and dripping and my first cum was running out of it and down my inner thighs and it felt kinda gooey and thick and I reached down into my suit with my hand and squeezed my cock to milk out the last drops. It felt slick and had slicked up my suit so it was shiny and slippery and if I wanted to make babies, I was READY! But I’m not into girls.
My dad was laughing and he was so proud of me and he took me into the shower and we showered off together. I posed for him, showing off my wet naked body, my gigantic, super-strong muscles, and he jerked off and came a gallon! And then he said: “Chris, I love you so much I can’t get enough of you! If your mom was back from her tour, I’d make love to her again so that I could have another of you! Can’t get enough of incredibly beautiful, stupendously strong muscleboys!”
That made me laugh! But to tell you the truth, I wanted a brother, too, one as beautiful and strong as me! We’d have some serious FUN!
But you know what? Just that afternoon I checked the mail, and I received a package. It was from Brazil, and was in a plain brown wrapper. I opened it, and in it there was a DVD, so I went to my room to watch it. And now I KNOW I’m the luckiest boy in the world! You should have seen this video! I can’t sell it on my site because I don’t have permission – yet – but I’m going to tell you about it right now and you’ll agree with me!
Remember, I said that I’m a boylover. I love gorgeous boys like me, but there aren’t any like me – or so I thought. And I love boys with incredible muscles like mine, but there aren’t any with muscles like mine – or so I thought. Then this video arrived.
The video started with a shot of a home gym that was really well equipped. Mirrors on all the walls. Lots of weights, and a lot of really heavy ones. A top of the line bench, squat rack, and so on, and a lot of good, rugged basic equipment like chinning bars and dip stations. It looked like a full basement worth of muscle-building gear. It looked almost as good as our home gym! And into the shot walked a kid. He was dressed all in blue sweats, with a hood, covered from head to toe. He entered from behind the camera, as though he had just set it up himself, so I first saw him from the back. Not much to see because the sweats were way too big for him – may have been his dad’s! He stood for a moment with his back to me and dropped the hood. Long, straight blond hair spilled out over his shoulders, shining, full, golden. I was fascinated! Then he turned around, gracefully, like a dancer or a martial artist, every movement as smooth as glass. And I got a look at his face.
And my jaw dropped! He was the most beautiful boy I’d ever seen! Maybe even more so than me! His eyes were huge and sky-blue and somehow sunny, his skin tan copper-brown and a smile so wide and dazzling I almost had to shield my eyes! Then he spoke, his voice high but strong and with an accent that I later learned was Portuguese. “Hi, Chris! My name is Benito Guerra and I’m ten years old, and I live in Sao Paulo in Brazil. I have tons of pics of you and videos and everything and I am a HUGE FAN! I love you! You are the best-looking boy I’ve ever seen and you are so MUSCULAR that when you pose in your little suits I can’t keep my hands off my cock!” Then he chuckled. “I guess I shouldn’t have said that, right? You don’t even know me. But guess what? I think I’m getting to be like you! Check me out!”
With that he whipped off his sweatshirt and my jaw dropped further! I couldn’t believe how huge, and how beautiful, his muscles were! Even I didn’t have that kind of sheer muscle mass when I was ten! His deep tan made his tight little waist look even more ripped with boymuscle, and his V-taper made my eyes bug out of my head! What lats! What incredible PECS! Wow! This boy was AMAZING!! He wasn’t even flexing yet, and I was steel-hard in my posing suit! He bent over and quickly stripped off his sweatpants and stood there, smiling at me, in a posing suit that he must have bought from my website, because it was designed just like my skimpiest stuff. And boy oh boy did his tackle ever FILL IT! He was stiff and bulging and standing there proud of his stuff, and his legs, huge and cut to shreds and veined like mine and looking strong as anything blew my mind! “Like me?” he said, and giggled. His little laugh was so charming and sexy I almost came right then! And he started going through a little improvised posing routine. Biceps like grapefruits burst from his arms! I mean, you should have seen …
I’m going to make a long story short here. He lifted some weights and WOW was he ever strong! Strong as a bull! And then he gave me his cell phone number and Messenger ID and we chatted online and talked on the phone a LOT! And then guess what? I used some of my website money to get him a plane ticket to come and visit me and HE’S HERE NOW!!! He’s looking over my shoulder as I type this! Now he’s laughing. Shut up, Benny! I’m trying to tell a story here! He’s wrapped his arms around my neck and lksjlga iholksdgol skdlksa sorry that was HIM! He mucked around with the keyboard! He wants to say something so I’m going to let him type.

Hi, everyone, this is Benito. Chris calls me Benny and that’s ok, so can you. Is my English ok? I hope you can understand. I’m from Brazil and we speak Portuguese there. Weird – we speak Portuguese but we’re not in Portugal and you speak English and you’re not in England. Funny! Any way, I want to talk about Chris! He’s great! I love him! I only got here yesterday and you know what we’ve been doing? I can’t tell you! Wait – we’ve been posing for each other and working out together and wrestling and testing our strength (do I say “strengths” because there are two of us?) and we’re, like, right together! I mean, he’s a bit stronger than I am but he’s older and a few centimeters taller than me too. We do all this boned up HARD in our trunks! And we have the tiniest little trunks you’ve ever seen! And we’re going to make a new video for you together with both of us! And we’ll show off! Wait, Chris is telling to tell you what we’ve been doing even though I said I can’t. OK, here goes! (Here goes, or here it goes? English is hard!) We put on our tiniest trunks and sleep together! In the same bed! And sometimes (all the time really) we take off our trunks under the sheets and sleep together naked! Completely naked! And guess what? We don’t sleep a lot of the time we’re in bed! You know what I mean! I think!
Now Chris is telling me to tell you more. So if it’s ok with him, I guess it’s ok with me! We get so HARD under the sheets feeling each other’s muscles and rubbing our bodies against each other and stuff … and our cocks jerk and Chris says the word is “orgasm” and he had to tell me how to spell it. And when he does it, he shoots cum! Lots of it! And it gets all over me and him and the sheets and when the next morning comes along we have to wash the sheets and it’s ok because Mr. Bannister says it’s fine and he’s happy that we’re happy. And we’re happy!
Now I have to talk about something serious. Can I do that? Chris says ok and he kisses me! On the cheek! (My FACE cheek! Don’t get dirty thoughts!) I was living with my dad and mom in Sao Paolo but it wasn’t very nice. My dad was a bodybuilder and he saw that I had good jeans (Chris says it’s “genes” – I don’t know that word, but I believe him) and he let me work out with him and I got like this. But my mom didn’t like that I was doing it. She thought it was bad for boys like me to have too big muscles. And she decided she didn’t like dad and she liked this other guy who wasn’t a bodybuilder. And then my dad died in a car accident. I miss him so much – so much. Chris just kissed me again. Thanks, Chris. My mom wanted to go off with this other man and she didn’t want to take me. And I sent my video to Chris. And Chris likes me! Wait, he wants me to say he loves me! And his dad likes me too.
Mr. Bannister had his lawyer write to my mom. And my mom had her lawyer write back. And Mr. Bannister went to court with the letter my mom wrote. And the judge said ok. I wasn’t sure what it meant, but Mr. Bannister and Chris sat me down and said that Mr. Bannister was adopting me and I could live with him and Chris forever! Forever!!! This is the best thing that has ever happened to me!! I’m the luckiest boy in the world!!
Hi, Chris here again. Benny’s in my lap as I’m typing this. I’m still in my smallest posing suit and he’s, well, he’s totally naked. This is fun, isn’t it? I’m resting my chin on his shoulder so I can see what I’m typing.
I loved Benny the first time I saw him and he’s such a great kid and my dad loves him too! So we made him part of our family and now he’s my brother! I don’t have to wait for dad to make love to mom or anything else – I got the best brother in the world!! The most beautiful, the most muscular, the strongest kid brother EVER!! And we’re so much in love we can’t stop being together! I love Benny and he loves me more than ANYTHING!! Benny’s going to join my world-famous musclekid business and we’ll make money being who we are and doing what we do anyway. Isn’t this great? Isn’t this the GREATEST THING EVER???? Don’t you all envy me??
Didn’t I tell you I was the luckiest boy in the world?


  1. GREAT story!! Does "Lead Guitarist" have similar stories published somewhere else? I would love to read more of his work. Thanks!

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